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Founded by
Daniel A Briggs, PhD 

Olive Press Books (OPB) was originally founded and developed to meet the printing press needs of Aletheia Logos University (ALU). Now that ALU has been divested into the Apostolic School of the Prophets (ASP) OPB is now the printing press of ASP. The Disciples of Christ (DOC) pdf Volumes below can be downloaded for free but suggested donation is $1.99 each. Simply click on the donate button near the bottom of this page, then list the Volume(s) you wish to donate to (using the Paypal Payment Form that pops up). After the funds clear, an email will be sent to you within 48 hours (usually much less) with a download link including downloading  instructions. All proceeds go to charity i.e., World Christian Ministries Association. To download without donation simply click on any book image and register using the very short form on that landing page. These books are read and used all over the world.

Note: DOC Volume 9 is also available in both paperback and hardcover.





Peer Review of Volume 9 by Dr. J Bullock:

The Origins of Morality juxtaposes nature and divinity, theory and faith, and science and theology, provoking intense curiosity about threads woven into the fabric of ethics and belief systems by humankind over the ages. Daniel Briggs critically analyzes classic and contemporary theories in science, biology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and theology to present fresh insight into the derivation of value systems and mores from the beginning of recorded time to the present day. Tempered by the writings of renowned theorists such as Einstein, Hawking, Darwin, Freud, and Adler against a backdrop of writings attributed to the Divine, Briggs helps the reader traverse a web of complex concepts ranging from the big bang theory and the cosmological constant to Darwinism and intelligent design, iron logic and faith to formulate a cogent view of morality.

Briggs balances secular and spiritual elements, examining contentious and divergent views on the foundations underlying humanity and morality to present objective information that allows readers to formulate their own conclusions. Although written in scholarly fashion, The Origins of Morality includes references and a glossary making it suitable for a wide audience of readers. The book will be of particular interest to academicians, psychologists, scientists, sociologists, theologians, students and those individuals seeking answers to fundamental questions about the origins of human belief systems. Rather than repeating content from works, Briggs refers readers interested in exploring certain areas in more detail to other books he has published on related or tangential topics.

Briggs has written an intellectually stimulating and thought provoking book that challenges readers to question answers proffered by scientific theory and religion, to draw their own conclusions...

Judy Bullock, Ph.D.
Professor at American Intercontinental University
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Bangor Counseling Center
Apostolic School of the Prophets
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Dr. Briggs' 1994 Dissertation

Olive Press Books provides free Christian books for Pentecostal Bible Schools and Christian Theology studies for UPCI, WCMA, ALJC, PAW, COOLJC, AWCF ministers and more. Simply click any book image to activate any of our free Christian books.


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Olive Press Books is an Apostolic Pentecostal publishing house that provides Free books and literature for Bible School students, ministers and Christians.


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